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13 Weeks

Introduction to Industry – 1 week / Pre-Apprenticeship – 8 weeks / Work Placement with an employer – Up to 4 Weeks

Scaffolding is an integral skill in many industry sectors including Construction, Offshore Oil & Gas, Heavy Industry and Manufacturing. At the Connect Academy you'll learn in state-of-the-art facilities building your knowledge of the terminology, equipment and working practices required to become a scaffolding professional.


Step 1: Introduction to Industry – 1 week

NCFE Employability Award –  Level 1 Award plus various industry taster sessions and Functional Skills assessment and training


Step 2: Scaffolding Pre-Apprenticeship  – 8 weeks

EAL Preparing to work in the Engineering Manufacturing Industry - Level 2 Certificate and Functional Skills training

Including some industry certificates for safe working practice:

  • AIS Working at Height
  • AIS Abrasive Wheels
  • AIS Electrical Awareness
  • AIS Asbestos Awareness
  • AIS Confined Space
  • AIS Manual Handling
  • First Aid at Work

Core Skill:

  • CISRS COTS AIS Scaffolding

Step 3: Work Placement with an employer - Up to 4 Weeks




Tap into years of industry Knowledge

Connect programmes have been carefully designed by the team at AIS Training, meaning every part has been fine-tuned to the exact needs of industry. All our tutors and instructors have been there and done it. They have an in-depth working knowledge of how each industry works offering unique and insightful guidance and expert tuition.

A learning experience that is second to none

From day one we’ll treat you like you’re part of the AIS team. You’ll get the feel of working in industry, learning the values and expectations needed to succeed in industry. This gives you a learning experience that will set you up for your new career

We'll make you job ready

With our apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships there are opportunities to gain industry experience, including work experience opportunities that can help apply your skills in the workplace. Working with industry experts you have the opportunity to impress in the workplace and boost your chances of employment.