FAQ's: Pre-Apprenticeships

15 December 2016

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Our Pre-Apprenticeships prepare you for your future career, helping you to get ready for the world of work and improving your chances of getting an Apprenticeship or other job.

Our Pre-Apprenticeship lasts up to 13 weeks with the content tailored to your individual needs, including:

  • Work preparation training which ensures you are ready and have confidence to take the first step in your career, such as an Apprenticeship.
  • English and maths support to help give you the literacy and numeracy skills needed for the workplace.
  • A meaningful work placement which provides insight and experience of the world of work and makes you more attractive to potential employers.
What are the benefits of a Pre-Apprenticeship?
  • It will put you in a better position to compete for an Apprenticeship or other job.
  • It will give you the opportunity to build your CV and get vital experience with local and national employers. 
  • Improving your English and maths skills will boost your chances of getting a job, as well as improving your long term prospects and earning potential over your lifetime. 
  • Employers are at the centre of our Pre-apprenticeships to ensure they give you the skills you need to secure a job or apprenticeship
  • At the end of the work experience placement you’ll get an offer of a job or an apprenticeship or an exit interview.
Will I be paid?
Work placements are unpaid, but employers are encouraged to support expenses such as transport and meals. Depending on your circumstances you may be able to access financial support from one of our partner organisations.
Is a Pre-Apprenticeship right for me?
Pre-Apprenticeships are an ideal opportunity for young people who are motivated to get a job but who lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for. If you have been unsuccessfully applying for Apprenticeships due to a lack of skills and experience then you may want to enrol as soon as possible. 
You could be suitable for a Pre-Apprenticeship if you:
  • Are unemployed (or work less than 16 hours per week) and have little work experience
  • Are motivated to work
A Pre-Apprenticeship is probably not right for you if you:
Are already in full-time employment

Are already in a job working more than 16 hours per week

What do Connect offer?

Connect can offer Pre-Apprenticeships and Apprenticeships in Scaffolding, Welding and Basic Engineering. AIS Training (who we are powered by) provide additional industry certificates to help ensure your work placement has as much chance of success as possible.

How long are the Pre-Apprenticeships?

Our programmes are 13 week and jam-packed with fun!

How often do Pre-Apprenticeship begin?

We tend to run Pre-Apprenticeships on a 2 monthly basis. If you are thinking of joining but are still undecided, you can come to one of our open events, which run every 3rd Thursday of every month. Call 0191 341 0250 to find out when our next one is!

Am I eligible?

To get onto a Connect Pre-Apprenticeship, you must be:

Unemployed (or working less than 16 hours per week)

Living in the North East of England

Am I guaranteed a follow-on Apprenticeship?

We cannot guarantee you will get onto an Apprenticeship. We try our best to ensure all Pre-Apprentices progress onto an Apprenticeship or into employment after their 4 week work placement; but, this is ultimately down to you on your work placement, if you impress your employer enough they are more likely employ you. We have an excellent record with progressing learners onto Apprenticeships

Where is the Connect Academy based?

The Connect Academy is based in North Shields, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

Full Address:

Unit 24 Orion Business Park,

North Shields

NE29 7SE

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via:

Social Media - Facebook 

Telephone - 0191 341 0250 

Email - connect@aisgroup.co.uk

Or you can come into centre!


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