Bradley Clarke, Aged 17, From Battlehill

20 July 2016



Bradley is on the road to an exciting engineering career thanks to Connect.


Bradley was keen to become an electrical or mechanical engineer but was struggling to get interviews with any employer or get onto an apprenticeship programme before he started his traineeship with AIS Connect.

Now he’s secured a full time engineering apprenticeship with engineering giant WD Close. He is earning while learning and getting great experience at the same time.

Bradley said: "I was really keen to start working but despite sending off tons of speculative letters for jobs or apprenticeships I didn't get any response. Starting on the AIS Connect programme has been fantastic. From day one I worked on live projects at WD Close and have skills such as welding, rigging and basic manual handling. Thanks to Connect I’m now on a full-time engineering apprenticeship earning a decent wage with a clear career path."

Kelly Scott from WD Close said: “We have ambitious plans to expand our business over the next few years but finding the right skilled personnel to help us achieve this growth is a challenge. That’s why we welcome the AIS Connect initiative. AIS Connect has worked closely with us to understand our needs and are tailoring training programmes to fit. Bradley is a talented, enthusiastic youngster who is undoubtedly helping our business. We were delighted to offer him an apprenticeship.”

"I've got real skills and experience and a full-time engineering apprenticeship under my belt. Connect helped me get job ready."