Amy Richardson, Aged 24, From South Shields

27 July 2016


South Shields-born Amy Richardson wants to work offshore as a stewardess in the oil and gas industry. She is the only female taking part in an AIS Connect traineeship to help her achieve her goal. In this post Amy reflects on her journey to date:

Women are rare in the offshore sector but that doesn’t put me off. Lots of my family work in oil and gas so I’m very familiar with the lifestyle and have been keen to get an offshore job for the past two years.

I found out about the AIS Connect traineeship scheme online and knew straight away it was a fantastic route into offshore work. The 16-week programmes are tailored to whichever industry you want to get into and the oil and gas strand includes qualifications approved by OPITO (the oil and gas industry’s training body).

As part of this programme, I’ve already completed my basic offshore safety induction and emergency training (BOSIET) which involves escaping underwater from a mock helicopter crash. This was an incredible experience and I’m really proud of myself for achieving the qualification – some failed it!

As well as my BOSIET, I’ve achieved the minimum industry safety training certificate (MIST) and the client contractor national safety group safety passport (CCNSG). These are all prerequisite certificates needed before you even try to get offshore work and it’s unheard of that they are included as part of a funded programme like this. I know how lucky I am to be here.

Before joining AIS Connect, I worked in a variety of care homes and in several cleaning jobs but I’ve never had a real ‘career-type’ job. That’s why I’m not taking this training for granted. I’ve even cancelled a family holiday to Thailand so that I can complete the programme.

"This is a brilliant opportunity which will help me to ultimately get the job I’ve been wanting for years. I’m determined to make my parents proud."